i read that as cishet pains… proof i’ve been on tumblr for too long…

ah yes these terrible cishet pains~ zounds~!

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ugh weird chest pains


you know how a lot of things are spoiled for you b/c its the internet and tumblr has a lot of gifs, images, and all that. like its nigh impossible to go into a fandom without having things spoiled for them. however

i still have no fucking earthly clue what jojo’s bizzare adventure is even remotely about. the power of eyeliner? maybe

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i really do not understand when people take ridiculous claims at face value


"he’s making that face again isn’t he"


"he’s making that face again isn’t he"

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god. it’s like they only ever read half of the story. harvey milk was deeply closeted, deeply concerned with appearing straight and respectable to his colleagues. a math major. served in the navy. worked on wall street while volunteering for the goldwater campaign. and maybe in some lesser, unkind universe, he continued down this soul-destroying path of self-denial. maybe he settled down and married a woman and had a kid or two and died of old age.

but he walked away from it. all of it. came out of the closet and left every semblance of safety to live openly and run for office explicitly to promote the rights of his community. his neighbours. he was a beacon of hope for the gay community, obviously, but there are other folks he helped that you don’t hear about. san francisco’s labour unions. the bay area’s asian-american communities. the city’s underpaid contract workers. his first priorities were constantly and consistently the establishment’s last priorities. and he did all of this while living openly as a gay man, fucking demanding respect, weathering pervasive death threats. do i even need to remind you how his life ended? how his death echoed throughout the gay community? what he inspired?

you don’t get to do this. you don’t get to freeze him in this moment in time, in the closet, and accuse him of retrogressive republicanism when he literally spend the latter half of his life fighting who he had been and the social forces that had made him that way. you don’t get to ignore who he was and what he did and what he stood for. shame.

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This Thursday, Scotland votes for its independence.

The BBC is trying to report that Yes to Independence is losing. They’re using photos to imply our gatherings are tiny and insignificant instead of the many photos like those above. They’re reporting that an anti-independence march by the Orange Order (think the KKK with more British flags) was a peaceful pro-union family march. They have been caught editing clips to discredit our First Minister.

There is a protest outside BBC headquarters right now. They are claiming there are a maximum of 350 protesters.

Watch for yourself. There are far more people outside their offices right now and they are being ignored and misreported.

We need to be seen. The only way we’ve been able to disseminate accurate information has been through social media. The media we rely on to spread unbiased information is lying to us, trying to suppress us.


this website is very american-centric. please, we need to be heard. please pay attention.

this is a whole country’s FUTURE.

Please. Other countries have hope with the vote in Scotland. Share this.

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This video was recommended to me on a book about consciousness. 

If this video doesn’t astonish you, then I don’t know what will.

Go ahead, press play, it only takes 2 minutes of your time. 

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